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Finding Divine Happiness

a la cART Classes, Workshops & Retreats guide you to discovering Happiness from within, or what I call Divine Happiness. I believe there are endless pathways to Divine Happiness. By silencing your mind, finding stillness in your body, and listening to your intuition, let me guide you to the path that resonates with you.

Happiness through Healing

As humans, we are all subject to Samskara, which is a Sanskrit word that can be defined as our past experiences that affect how we interact with the world around us. Samskaras leave impressions on us that can cause negative behavior patterns, and leave us feeling contracted, stressed and unhappy. Through meditation, intentional movement and other mindfulness practices, we can begin to recognize these patterns, and learn to change them. Behaviors such as self sabotage, fear, judgement, and negative thoughts are all products of our Samskara. The more we recognize them, and give ourselves grace and permission to release them, we become more expansive and aware of our Inner Peace. We can then begin to truly understand and enjoy Divine Happiness.

The Power of Play

The practices that I use in my Classes, Workshops & Retreats are built around healing. I’ve done extensive research on the effects of Play and Creativity on the brain. When we play, our brain releases endorphins, which relieves stress and provides an overall sense of well-being.

Any type of organic movement can be considered “play”. Whether it’s yoga, doing art, dancing, or even intentional breathing – all of these practices support our well being and open our minds to more expansive thinking.

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